Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Michigan Citizens for Science Advisory Board


Danita Brandt, PhD
Professor, Geological Sciences
Michigan State University

Advisory Board Members


Ed Brayton
Co-Founder, The Pandas Thumb
Freelance Writer
Commentator at Dispatches from the Culture Wars and Positive Liberty

Wesley R. Elsberry, Ph.D.
Data Scientist, RealPage, Inc.
Co-founder, Pandas Thumb
President of the TalkOrigins Archive Foundation
Commentator at the Austringer

Gregory Forbes, PhD
Professor, Biological Sciences, Grand Rapids Community College
Education Director, Michigan Scientific Evolution Education Initiative
National Course Director, National Science Foundations Chautauqua Course; Evolution Education
Editorial/Advisory Board, Skeptic Magazine

Robert T. Pennock, PhD
Lyman Briggs College Department of Philosophy
Ecology, Evolutionary Biology Behavior graduate program
Dept. of Computer Science Engineering
Michigan State University
Chair, Society for the Study of Evolution Education Committee
AAAS Committee on Public Understanding of Science
National Advisory Board, American United for Separation of Church and State
Author, Tower of Babel: The Evidence against the New Creationism

Frank Ravitch
Associate Professor
MSU School of Law

Howard Van Till
Professor Emeritus in Physics and Astronomy
Calvin College
Founding Member, International Society for Science and Religion
Board of Advisors, Templeton Foundation

Donald Weinshank
Professor Emeritus
Computer Science and Engineering